Amaretti Virginia

Packaging with a bow for Amaretti Virginia

What if packaging was not only functional but also beautiful? This was the challenge that Amaretti Virginia posed to Faenza Group.

A historic brand of confectionery art, known for the production of the famous soft Amaretti biscuits, the company commissioned the creation of a customised food pack with a bow, the latter made from the same type of cardboard used for the entire pack.

Not an easy challenge from a technical point of view, but one that gave the packaged product a renewed “specialness”.

An authentic piece of tailoring that led to the printing of four different formats for the two brands: Amaretti Virginia with four colours and Rossella with two. All of it completed with a matte water-based coating.

Functional, beautiful and green: the 3 characteristics of food packaging

Amaretti Virginia’s request was to create a food pack suitable for the characteristics of the contents, but which would also catch the eye of passers-by once displayed in the shop window.

Faenza Group’s experience has also enabled us to achieve another objective: the creation of a paper product with a low environmental impact.

All packaging intended for food products follows not only health guidelines such as the use of non-toxic materials, which protect the product from deterioration due to unfavourable environmental conditions, but also environmental ones. The so-called green packaging is designed to pollute the environment as little as possible after the products contained in it have been consumed.

Faenza Group uses easy-to-recycle materials from renewable sources for all food packaging.

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