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Examples Luxury packaging for your products

Creating luxury packaging for your products

Today’s firms want to add value to their products and this makes it important to choose luxury packaging. In addition to making their brands instantly recognisable this also transmits a certain added intrinsic quality to products during purchase.

Packaging is the first physical point of contact between your clients and your products and this is why fanatical attention to all phases – design, creation, printing and logistics – is crucial.

Designing and printing luxury packaging

Creating luxury packagingdoes not necessarily mean excessively costly packaging. What it does mean is investing in a tool which can be of concrete assistance in increasing sales and client loyalty.

Today, luxury packaging is not just vital for large firms but also for small and medium sized businesses wanting to stand out from their rivals. Investing in this sector is a way of creating premium products and increasing profit margins significantly, with a reputation for exclusivity marking firms out from their rivals and positioning them as absolutely top quality.

From a communications perspective it is important to assess during the planning phase whether the company’s image, values and sensibilities are aligned to its products, company vision and target clientèle.

The next stage is creation and this is where choosing the right partner to make the perfect packaging comes in. In addition to supplying you with the best digital, offset and offset H-UV technologies on the market, a firm like Faenza Groupcan provide assistance every step of the way through the choice of raw materials.

The graphics specialities which Faenza Group can offer you for your luxury packaging lend themselves to all top-of-the-range pouch and box working phase. We can perform all printing techniques and specialise in ennoblement, screen printing, hot lamination and dry embossing.

Our expert technicians will follow your project through step by step, advising you on the best personalised solutions in colour, finish, weight and format terms.

The benefits of luxury packaging

Luxury packaging is a sophisticated and exclusive tool with which to get your values across to consumers and show them right from the start, in tactile and visual terms, that the product inside that personalised luxury box is superior in quality to standard items.

Clients will get a clear message, namely that the product they are about to buy is a luxury item, both inside and out.

And the benefits do not stop there. As long as the product lasts, every time clients pick it up it willspeak volumes of its identity.

In fact, what you have created will be much more than simply packaging which informs and protects. It will be a vital part of the product itself and perhaps, one day, an integral part of the lives of those buying it, as a collector’s item, or reused as a container.

Luxury packaging is not thrown away like other packaging and containers but continues to be part of the way objects are stored and may even outlive the product it contains.

What materials should be used to create luxury packaging?

Making luxury packaging is a time-consuming and technical process combining strategy and skill with intelligence and cutting-edge technologies.

The range of materials which can be used to make top quality packaging is huge, ranging from wood to metals and fine fabrics. But the most adaptable packaging material in design terms is certainly paper and its by-products. And it is also the most sustainable and recyclable too.

More and more packaging is currently being made with various types of paper and this applies to virtually all the main business sectors from footwear to fashion, cosmetics to jewellery and food to cars.

It is always important to bear in mind that it is packaging which gives consumers a sense of a product’s value. And it is instantaneous, happening before they even read or pick up the product.

Investing in luxury packaginggives you access to what is calledthe ‘wow effect’ in that fraction of a second.

Working with a firm like Faenza Group, with its forty years expertise in making and printing luxury packaging, means putting your project in expert hands, a firm which will help you make the most of your project with unique, personalised, luxury and winning packaging, from start to finish.


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