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Faenza Packaging: from Idea to Realization

We design much more than just a simple prototype

Great ideas always originate from simple intuitions, which grow and transform into reality through tireless work of study and research.

This is what our R&D team does: starting from an idea and reaching the design and realization of a new packaging that perfectly meets functional, technical, aesthetic, and marketing needs. One that tells a story of values and success.

Creating prototypes and samples requires not only creativity but also excellent technical skills in the packaging industry, an in-depth knowledge of marketing strategies and the use of sophisticated digital tools.

Let’s see how a packaging prototype is born, and how it grows and develops into an innovative package that encompasses not only a product but also the values and history of a brand.

Packaging design: how a prototype is created

When the need of a new packaging, not yet launched into production, arises, it starts with studying the product and understanding the clients’ requirements.

The purpose of a packaging goes beyond merely covering, coating, preserving and protecting the product. Besides being a container, packaging serves as a genuine means of communication and powerful marketing tool.  One of its primary functions is to capture the consumer’s attention, evoke emotions, tell a story, and communicate effectively. Ultimately, it’s about selling.

Considering the complex and multifaceted functions of packaging, it becomes evident how crucial its study and design are during the prototyping phase.

Designing a packaging prototype doesn’t simply involve drawing a container: creating a new packaging means crafting something extremely intricate while maintaining functional simplicity.

Packaging Prototypes: designing innovation

At Faenza Packaging, we create pre-production prototypes and samples,, starting from the design phase using sophisticated industrial software. These programs can assess the performance and value of the packaging to be created, even before it is produced and distributed in the market, all based on the three-dimensional definition of the object to be contained (and sold!).

On the first packaging prototype, tests, evaluations, checks and trials are conducted, making gradual improvements that will be used to create the final packaging and proceed to mass production.

How do we create the very first prototype?

Prototype number 0 is crafted “manually”, at a 1:1 scale, using different materials than those used in the final production. It is then presented to the client for potential approval.

If the client or our team suggests any enhancements or modifications, we proceed with refining the prototype until we achieve the final packaging that best meets all requirements.

The first packaging sample, called prototyping, serves a crucial function: it allows our team to gather feedback, analyze the product, understand its strengths and weaknesses, all while optimizing time and budget.

From Prototype to Sale: an extraordinary team effort

Designing a packaging prototype is, therefore, a delicate and crucial process, which the Faenza Packaging team carries out with the right methods, thanks to perfect teamwork.

Confronting and discussing to improve the prototype, creating it, then jointly approving it with the client, and finally, putting it into production and distributing it to retail outlets: all these essential steps start right from prototyping.

Our exclusive digitalization and automation allow us to transform an idea into a product and, thus, a story of success, through a functional packaging that simultaneously tells this very story.

Every new packaging project represents a new challenge for Faenza Packaging, a challenge to be overcome together with our clients.

Contact our R&D office for the prototyping of your packaging: together, we will turn an idea into a successful product!
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