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Esempi di packaging alimentare che attirano l'attenzione del consumatore

Five examples of colourful and innovative food and drink packaging

Personalised food and drinks packaging: here’s what makes the difference

There is a huge range of products with original wording, shapes and colours on the shelves of our supermarkets and corner shops. This means that finding the inspiration for a personalised, one-of-a-kind food and drinks packaging is no simple matter.

Colours, shapes, materials and claims are key elements in food and drink packaging.

Well-designed food packagingis crucial to selling products. Nothing should be left to chance and even the smallest detail is important. Shape, size, colour, images and text must all be chosen expertly with the client who is to use the product uppermost in our minds.

We now know that packaging impacts on our buying decisions, whilst keeping clients loyal is mainly a matter of the product itself. Packaging plays a predominant rolein first purchases, together with advertising campaigns and shelf location.

Packaging for food and drink: our examples

Faenza Group is a personalised food and drink packaging leader.

What follows arefive examples made over the last monthwhich will soon be on sale on the shelves of your local supermarket.

N.b: the descriptions of the 5 packaging examples are missing. To do what the title promises I advise adding at least two lines per packaging.

Our technicians are always ready and willing to show you the latest market trends and the most innovative shapes and products.

After checking out the last food and drink packaging made and printed by Faenza Group, get in touch with us to plan your own innovativeand personalisedfood and drink packaging.



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