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After die cutting comes folding and glueing and then the finished product. Folding and glueing are the final cardboard working phases prior to packaging up and consignment.

The folding phases require rapid and precise machinery for an accurate folding result. The folding and glueing machinery used in the paper converting sector is designed to make standard boxes and special packaging.

Faenza Packaging has an avant-garde working division in which latest generation and highly automated machinery folds and glues large quantities of boxes responding to increasingly modern and competitive production demands.

Rapid action, resistance to wear and tear, reduced time frames.

The folding and glueing machines used are equipped with digital code readers analysing and verifying the following parameters: glue quantity; the presence of propylene, the presence of all colours, appropriate longitudinal and diagonal die cutters, versatility and configuration modularity.

Increased productivity and reduced working time frames

The folding and glueing process is used to close up boxes, make cases, covers and counter or ground display cases and bags of various sorts.

The most common glueing method is cold vinyl glueing with epoxy resins used at high temperatures for more complex work.


Staff safety is a top priority for us as are product quality and environmental safeguards and we have obtained a range of certifications testifying to our way of working.

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