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Cosmetic Packaging: “Beauty” Gets a New Look

The cosmetics industry is constantly growing, and increasingly innovative packaging solutions play a fundamental role in the marketing of cosmetic, beauty, and makeup products.

Cosmetic packaging is the first point of contact between the consumer and the product, which is why it must first and foremost be able to grab attention and surprise. Aesthetic appeal plays a predominant role in this type of packaging, whose function is also to interactively convey the brand and tell the story of the cosmetic product inside.

But not only that: every cosmetic packaging solution must also meet criteria of functionality and productivity while being innovative, safe, and hygienic, preserving the product’s integrity and adequately addressing the needs of digital tracking.

There is another important aspect not to forget, which is a central focus in packaging in general: sustainability. Today more than ever, packaging, like the product itself, must necessarily have a green soul, in full respect of the environment, recyclable, and biodegradable.

Meeting all these requirements and designing and creating innovative, attractive, elegant, functional, and sustainable cosmetic packaging is the daily challenge of FAENZA PACKAGING.

A challenge that sees us increasingly victorious, leading players in the packaging industry, including the cosmetic sector.

Successful Cosmetic Packaging for Successful Products

The consumer’s first contact with the product happens through the packaging: it must be able to provide an emotional experience.

Creating color combinations in perfect harmony, in line with the brand’s visual identity, surfaces with glossy and matte contrasts, lines and shapes that invite consumers to “touch the beauty“: this is what makes packaging and its product a success story.

An attractive combination of elements leads to an emotional and sensory buying process, turning packaging into an extraordinary communication tool that captivates and tells the story of beauty.

Cosmetic packaging must, in a matter of seconds, stimulate the consumer’s desire to discover the product. It should represent the brand’s values, the product’s attributes, and socially important values like environmental sustainability and health preservation.

The consumer must also perceive that the particular product will enhance their well-being and increase their beauty. This is where the packaging comes into play, which, of course, must be “beautiful” and up to this task.

Cosmetics industry brands choose FAENZA PACKAGING

Packaging contributes to a product’s success: our packaging solutions are the top choice for major brands, even in the cosmetics sector.

Take KING OF MY CASTLE, an Italian company based in Calabria that produces innovative cosmetic products for both the domestic and international markets.

For this high-quality Made in Italy cosmetics brand, we have designed and produced packaging for various product lines, particularly three elegant pentagon-shaped carton boxes made from 305g GC1 cardboard, certified by FSC.

Our R&D department has created three packaging variations for this client, which, through their colors and shapes, communicate the excellence and quality of the products inside.

Here are the types of cosmetic packaging created for the KING OF MY CASTLE cosmetics brand:

  • Box for “THE EYE SERUM” eye contour serum (30ML format).
  • Box for “THE SURFACE” face cream (50ML format).
  • Box for “THE WAKE UP CALL” day cream (50ML format).

Thus, another custom cosmetic packaging has been born from FAENZA PACKAGING, where functionality combines with aesthetics and sustainability, resulting in truly exceptional packaging that perfectly complements successful products.

If you are in search of high-quality cosmetic packaging designed to meet your specific needs and suit your products, contact us!

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