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Print the impossible: now you can with LED-UV technology

Our mission has always been to ensure our customers the latest, state-of-the-art printing technologies for their projects: today we’re taking it a step further, marrying an existing technology with our expertise.

We were one of the first companies on the market to use the innovative LED-UV printing technology and, after five years of experience, we have enhanced its performance even more, thanks to the expertise of our specialised professional staff.

Our work has enabled us to enhance the quality of the colour gamut, the point and stability during print runs, delivering unprecedented results: in fact you can now print on materials that have always been considered “tricky”, maintaining colour quality and rendering with inks which are polymerised by LED-UV lamps and avoiding calibration based on perception rather than precise measurements.

Not only does this new technology allow us to cut production times and costs, it is another step forward in our mission to save energy and reduce environmental impact, launched some years ago with the FAENZAGREEN® project.

Thanks to the expertise of our staff and LED-UV technology, now you can:

  • Print on any type of material;
  • Cut pre-press and production times;
  • Save on costs;
  • Be sure of outstanding print quality every time.

Our new-generation LED-UV system is the latest addition to our top-of-the-range printing services, which include conventional printing in up to 10 colours, H-UV printing and HD digital printing with HP Indigo 12000 in 6 colours.

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