Cosmetics packaging

Feelings and colours

Cosmetics packaging has long been a hallmark of marketing excellence, a sphere in which packaging has almost entirely cast off its container function and become scene stealers: shiny, resplendent boxes in pride of place on supermarket shelves made to grab consumers’ attention.

It is an emotional and sensory acquisition process which is more attention grabbing than any other sector. Bottles, jars, pots, dispensers and containers are extraordinary communication tools and their appearance and shape are designed to make the buying experience even more personal and creative.

Skin care and make up packaging

The international beauty and personal care market has achieved a leadership role over the years and changes in buyer habits tend to be rapid.

On one side we have consumers who are more and more attentive and exacting and, on the other, manufacturers frenetically seeking out ever more sophisticated and innovative materials and techniques responding to new consumer demands.


Attractive but also responsible packaging

Consumers prefer health care products in eco-friendly packaging. It has been estimated that 6 out of 10 people prioritise green packaging and 85% choose products packaged in recycled materials. Eco products have now overtaken traditional packaging in shopping carts. It has been estimated that 14% of consumers have stopped buying products and cosmetics on the grounds that their packaging is not eco-compatible.

Reusable, compostable and recyclable packaging is prioritised. Cosmetics production as a whole has been caught up in this green sales process and firms are now explicitly paying greater attention to the complete product life cycle from manufacturing to packaging, distribution to waste disposal.

Latest works


Cardstock cases are the most commonly used packaging type for the cosmetics sector with finishes dictated by market trends and their resonance with reference clientèle.

On the strength of the expertise of its web designers and latest generation prototyping machinery Faenza Packaging offers a great many cosmetics packaging solutions. Of these, the Color Metal Chart is one of the most effective ways of bringing out metal finishes in packaging and making them more appealing.

Faenza Packaging designs, develops and produces primary packaging solutions for the cosmetics market.