General Packaging

Packaging and container design and manufacturing performs a twofold function, protecting products from damage, on one hand, and making for immediately recognisable brand personality on the other – a product which stands out from the crowd.

Over the years packaging has evolved into a full blown strategic marketing tool with implications for the whole buying process, which is increasingly frenetic and rapid. In a competitive and crowded market, an active visual communication strategy is essential and packaging is the fullest expression of this.

Shopping bags, boxes and pouches are effective, direct communication products with a covert but striking effect on consumers’ subconscious choices.

Packaging categories

There are three types of packaging:

  • Primary packaging: to contain and protect products, the outer casing which separates products from external agents, such as cans, bottles, sachets.
  • Secondary packaging: a way of storing and combining multiple retail units such as cardboard boxes with other packaged products in them.
  • Tertiary packaging: considered more functional than the other two and not directly seen by consumers as it is the large packages serving to transport goods to retail outlets.

Latest works

Le 1000 forme del Packaging

Faenza Packaging è leader per la progettazione e la realizzazione di General Packaging, sia in piccoli volumi che in grandi quantità. Involucri innovativi e personalizzati capaci di soddisfare una clientela sempre più attenta ed esigente, che richiede un prodotto non solo funzionale ma in grado di aumentare le vendite e l’awareness del pubblico.

Un lavoro di innovazione, continuo e di alta qualità, che supporta la costante ricerca di molteplici soluzioni sia per la scelta dei materiali usati che per le finiture realizzate.

Faenza Packaging si avvale, inoltre, di un laboratorio di stampa digitale di ultima generazione e di un Web Designer Team per garantire sempre la massima efficienza di produzione.