Luxury packaging

Luxury cases for watches or jewellery and top quality boxes for cosmetics and food and also for the clothing sector. Luxury packaging protects and enhances exclusive, high value products placing the brand in the top price bracket and justifying its price tag.

Luxury packaging gets a product’s values across with visual images and latest-generation materials carefully chosen to add something to the buying process and make it more exclusive as a visual and sensory promise to buyers.

Attention to detail

In the luxury sector details count. Everything is studied and designed to get an exclusive, top quality message across. Luxury boxes have to give buyers with high expectations what they want and highlight the product’s brand identity.

Luxury packaging performs a twofold logistical and communication function. It is a marketing mix which focuses on the symbiosis between a range of visual elements satisfying specific criteria:

  • Materials quality: exclusive raw materials and luxury product working processes.
  • Sophisticated aesthetics: shapes, colours and copy based on a quest for beauty.
  • High price: a higher cost puts the product in a higher bracket than its competitors.
  • Product uniqueness: product rarity and distinctiveness make it even more unachievable and this stimulates consumer purchase ambitions.
  • Secondary needs: luxury goods purchases fulfil no primary needs. They are superfluous and the needs they are based on are purely aesthetic and social.

Latest works


Faenza Packaging makes high emotional impact and communication performance luxury packaging. A range of technical skills and specific graphics know-how is the basis for creative and highly functional luxury products.

Always up-to-date, Faenza Packaging’s constant pursuit of new luxury packaging solutions responds to the needs of an international clientèle increasingly attentive to ideas capable of stimulating consumers in the direction of more responsible and ideals-based buying.

With eco-sustainable materials, innovative printing techniques and personalised finishes Faenza Packaging creates truly unique creations worthy of luxury products.