POP and shop window signs

POP signs, in-store communication tools

Point of purchase signs, known as POP signs, are effective communication products which are widely used for in-store visual brand communication. Shop interiors are, in fact, the site of very powerful communication exchanges generating high consumer involvement.

POP materials such as counter or floor signs capture consumer attention and trigger and stimulate sales, amplifying communication. They are immediate impact and results are tangible, leading to increased sales and investment returns.

POPs are essential in-store communication tools, above all if positioned correctly in high visibility locations. Inside cosmetics shops or beauty product stores, for example, in-store visual communication is extremely important: customers choosing a perfume, nail varnish or make up product can, in fact, be stimulated by strategically located and organised counter signs.

Effective in-store communication improves consumer buying experiences which can be personalised by direct involvement in product use. Testers, samples and leaflets can help customers get to know new products and trigger purchases.

POP materials can be subdivided into:

  • Non-durable POP materials made from raw materials which last only a short time.
  • Durable POP materials with greater visual impact standing out in stores such as corner displays or display areas.

Visual communication

Faenza Packaging makes POP materials, display stands and shop window signs conceived and designed as retail outlet promotion tools.

Advertising claims, designs and printing, as well as materials and formats, are fundamentally important elements in the creation of POP materials and shop window signs and Faenza Packaging thus employs the best working techniques based on innovative know-how attentive to the latest market trends.

UV digital printing ensures bright shiny colours and a distinctly superior graphics rendering. Shop window signs and POP materials can be personalised with special finishes and laminated elements.

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Shop window signs

With their straightforward and immediate visual impact shop window signs are a superb communication tool and very popular with firms. Shop window signs are used in a great many sales sectors, such as show rooms and shopping malls, and are located in shop windows and on counters and desks.

The various available models include both freestanding and non-freestanding shop window signs, with front pockets for advertising leaflets or flyers made in PVC or Forex on the back for enhanced stability and rigidity.

Especially useful when the sales are on, shop window signs help to bring discount rates on products.to consumers’ attention.

The following are available:

  • Modular shop window signs
  • Freestanding two-sided shop window signs
  • Corrugated cardstock shop window signs
  • Cardstock flange shop window signs