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Return to the ESSENTIAL with KOSMETICA 2024

New cosmetic products and new green trends in the 9th edition of the conference

Returning to the essentials, namely what is truly indispensable and necessary, to create useful, effective, safe, and sustainable cosmetic products.

“ESSENTIAL” is thus the central theme of KOSMETICA 2024, the conference dedicated to the world of cosmetics, which will be held in Milan on June 20, 2024.

There will be discussions about new trends, which see cosmetic products becoming increasingly innovative, green, and eco-friendly. Cosmetics made with new technologies that reduce water and energy consumption, as well as raw materials, through virtuous production processes from development to packaging.

Packaging is becoming increasingly minimal and essential, abandoning over-packaging in favor of completely green packaging, including the materials used.

The new milestones in the cosmetic industry also see optimization in the research and development phases of products, thanks to artificial intelligence and leaner and more efficient production processes.

These will be the interesting topics addressed at KOSMETICA 2024, a conference now in its ninth edition.

Of course, we at Faenza Packaging will also be protagonists, as we will be the Gold Partner of the event!


Faenza Packaging, Gold Partner of KOSMETICA 2024

In addition to being a Gold Partner for KOSMETICA 2024, we at Faenza Packaging will also contribute to the creation of the packaging for an exclusive and innovative perfume that will be presented in advance at the Milanese conference.

As in previous editions of KOSMETICA, this year too each conference participant will be gifted an exclusive unisex fragrance, created by IFF Italia. A prestigious perfume in limited edition, essential in its soul and essence, just like the main theme of the conference.

This original fragrance will thus be the signature scent for the 2024 KOSMETICA event, ensuring that each participant retains the memories and emotions of this important conference dedicated to the cosmetic industry over time.

Our packaging designed for this essence representing KOSMETICA 2024 will also be exclusive and unforgettable, innovative, green, and fascinating!

Faenza Packaging towards the future

Years of experience and cross-disciplinary expertise in packaging, printing, and communication allow us to be appreciated and to work with the largest national and international partners. We boast a very high positioning in the cosmetic sector, and we can consider ourselves among the leaders in the design and production of packaging for the cosmetics, perfumery, and beauty care industries.

Our R&D team designs packaging that excellently meets the aesthetic, functional, environmental, economic, and communicative needs of our clients, using the most

innovative technologies. Today, we are leaders in producing the packaging of the future, thanks to the experience of our past!


And our packaging is not just simple packaging: it’s the emotion that resonates with the consumer even before seeing the product.

If you want to discover the best packaging solutions, contact us.


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