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When Packaging Reveals the True Essence of a Product

Packaging plays a fundamental role in the success of a product: whether it is food packaging, cosmetic packaging, or any other type. Its primary function is to present and preserve the contents effectively. 

It is a genuine marketing tool that must be capable of capturing consumers’ attention, evoking emotions and sensations, both visually and tactilely, generating curiosity and interest. Moreover, packaging must consistently represent the brand identity and provide concise but comprehensive information about the product.

In short, the perfect packaging has specific characteristics: it should be beautiful, functional, protective, informative, attractive, pleasing, eco-friendly, cost-effective, and easy to produce, often recyclable.

All this value is encapsulated in a “simple” printed cardboard box… but how can this be achieved in the best way?

It requires research, technical and marketing expertise, as well as a deep understanding of customer demands and detailed knowledge of the product to be contained. 

Creating the perfect packaging for a product is possible!

Kaptus Candle Box: The Magic of Light in an Exclusive Package

An example of packaging that literally reveals the essence of its contents is the box we designed for Kaptus, a leading company in the production of highly fragrant 100% natural and biodegradable candles made in Switzerland.

For this client, we have created elegant uncoated cardboard boxes in two different sizes to contain all the natural essence of these exclusive candles, representing their beauty and quality to the fullest.

The first Bougie Classique Box created for the Kaptus candles, in a smaller size, was printed with digital technology and features the following technical specifications:

Paper: Arena Natural Rough

  • Colors: Four-color with a formulation of 7 custom Pantone colors matching the client’s color scheme, different color printing for different collections, totaling 21 references
  • Additional machine pass with protective varnish
  • Embossed KAPTUS – Switzerland logo for added texture
  • Dovetail bottom for ideal weight support of the glass

The larger Bougie Platine Box, on the other hand, was produced using offset printing and is characterized by:

  • Astropack Paper
  • 3 Colors, 1 custom Pantone specific to the client’s color scheme + black + gold and a neutral protective varnish, totaling 10 references
  • Finishing: Hot foiling (gold) of the logo
  • Dovetail bottom for ideal weight support of the glass

Our R&D department has thus designed and created packaging with elegant aesthetics that enhance the exclusivity and unique qualities of the candles while effectively protecting their fragility.

The perfection of cutting-edge printing technologies combines with strong customization, resulting in an excellent outcome.

FAENZA PACKAGING: Tailored Packaging Solutions

Just as in the case of the precious Kaptus candle boxes, FAENZA PACKAGING is always capable of meeting any packaging needs through personalized solutions, both in terms of shapes and colors and graphics, designed specifically for the client. 

This is why we are chosen by the largest and most important Italian and international companies: our packaging guarantees top quality, combining aesthetics, customization, productivity, functionality, and durability.

But not only that: almost all our packaging is 100% green, making it eco-friendly and recyclable, a significant added value for packaging that stands out.

With FAENZA PACKAGING, the packaging you envision is already a reality: contact us, and together, we can bring your unique and special idea to life!

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