Tailor-made personalisation



In addition to the ability to design appealing and practical communication products and bring them to fruition the Faenza Packaging team also personalises and enhances packaging
with finishes which bring out its aesthetic values.

Our designer division makes each product unique and enhances it with digital and manual decorative arts such as screen printing, pad printing, lamination, engraving and embossing.

And there are also holograms, hot and cold lamination, embossing, debossing, H-UV printing and even Braille printed onto any support.

A wide range of solutions and finishes selected on the basis of the message clients want to get across to consumers and the product they sell.

We make your product unique

Faenza Packaging is a market leader with unrivalled product quality and competitivity, but what marks us out most is the extraordinary variety
of the products we offer in the main manufacturing sectors.

Food Packaging, Beauty Packaging, Fashion Packaging, Beverage Packaging, Pharmaceutical Packaging, Luxury Packaging: contemporary and versatile lines,
pastel or bright colours, satin effect or shiny.


Staff safety is a top priority for us as are product quality and environmental safeguards and we have obtained a range of certifications testifying to our way of working.

By your side for a more sustainable future

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