Packagingis the key to brand identity. It draws in clients, tells a story and gets them involved in an emotional and sensory retail experience.



Faenza Packaging knows just how important such tools are. It is an importance which goes well beyond practicality and protection and encompasses financial and advertising benefits. Product success – or lack of it – depends on packaging, which is a key marketing tool. Size, colour, text – all this needs to be paid the utmost attention.


Sustainable and recyclable packaging

Packaging marketing & Packaging design

Over recent years packaging has become part of an important transformation process. No longer just cumbersome waste, it is now a decisive ethical tool.

Sustainable packaging is the new green tool with which to lower our environmental impact and promote an eco-friendly approach across the industrial sector. It is no longer simply a question of aesthetics but a matter of social, economic and environmental importance.

The industrial world is increasingly environmentally oriented and it is currently preparing for an immediate shift to eco-sustainable packaging using increasingly eco-friendly materials.

innovative Packaging

Faenza Packagingdesigns customized packaging capable of increasing brand awareness and sales. It makes use of the know-how of qualified designers and the use of innovative design systems able to always propose high quality results.

The production plants, in fact, are 10 colors and the processing plants are able to handle large and medium-sized packaging.

Print quickly thanks to digital technology, which transforms the use and use of packaging.

New solutions for use

Faenza Packaging stands out for the creation of new solutions for use in the packaging sector

  • Active Packaging, a type of packaging that has an active role in the preservation of food and that interacts with the external environment.
  • Smart Packaging allows the consumer to get alternative benefits and conditions of use from the packaging
  • Intelligent Packaging provides the right information for storing and consuming the product inside.


Sustainable packaging, a winning choice

Eco packaging: The new frontier of packaging

80% of consumers prefer to buy from environmentally friendly brands. Sustainable packaging is an added value for firms which are, in this way, identified as eco-friendly which in turn leads to increased brand credibility and buyer trust. Green-oriented corporate social responsibility generates significantly higher sales.

The quality printing state of the art: Led-UV technology

The need for personalised packaging production is one shared by almost all firms because a container’s shape and graphics are what makes it identifiable, increasing brand awareness and sales. In addition to creativity and an ability to design innovative packaging with a message, a knowledge of the details which make packaging suitable for the various business sectors is also crucial.

Our solutions are top quality and designed to satisfy the needs of our clients’ target users.

A great many finishes are available, ranging from printing on plastic materials to traditional glued cardboard packaging.

The product types for which Faenza Group is a universally famous quality and efficiency benchmark are:

  • Food and drinks packaging
  • General packaging
  • Home and personal cleaning product packaging
  • Pharmaceutical packaging
  • Paper converting
  • Augmented reality pack

Even more specifically our main product categories are: food packaging, beauty packaging, fashion packaging, beverage packaging and packaging for pharmaceutical and veterinary products.

To ensure the very highest quality standards and ever greater efficiency we at Faenza Group have built a manufacturing plant equipped with avant-garde machinery developed directly in conjunction with producers. These production plants have a 10-colour capacity and the transformation plants can handle large and very large formats too.

As we have seen, we pay especial attention to green aspects and packaging recyclability in order to respond to new consumer priorities and, to an even greater extent, safeguard the eco-system.