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Let’s reduce waste with sustainable packaging!

As far as packaging is concerned, the sustainability concept consists of seeking out recyclable and biodegradable materials from renewable sources as part of a circular economy system which believes in the potential to reuse materials. Packaging must be reusable or recyclable to facilitate composting, biodegradability and energy recovery.

Sustainable packaging is a way of storing goods in eco-sustainable packaging, providing useful information on contents safety with specific labels. Sustainable packaging is lighter than conventional packaging and layers are reduced precisely to facilitate disposal and recycling without jeopardising the product’s appearance and message.

There are many eco-friendly materials: easy-to-recycle glass, cellulose, bio-polymers, bioplastics, wood fibre, corrugated cardboard, paper, paperstock and FSC branded cardboard.

More sustainable, functional, responsible packaging with a lower environmental impact.

Spending reductions; product safety; reduced emissions; recycling potential; waste reduction; waste limitation: these are all benefits of green packaging!

Sustainable packaging, a winning choice.

Sustainable packaging: a great many benefits

Faenza Packaging has signed up to the Life Gate® Zero Impact® project which
“calculates, reduces and offsets CO2 emissions from manufacturing activities”.

LifeGate® has been working for over 20 years to raise environmental awareness and inspire new industrial and business models all around the world in practical ways.

Faenza packaging is doing its bit to combat climate change. It has made its headquarters triple class A with solar energy generated at the plant.

This concrete commitment has also taken the form of choosing eco-friendly and recyclable materials such as FSC paper made in an environmentally friendly way and respecting local workers’ rights and biodiversity, without chopping down primary forests
and fully respecting the eco-system as a whole.

For its own packaging Faenza Packaging uses recycled and biodegradable materials. These are green solutions which enable the firm to maintain high quality standards and ensure the goods packaged are protected and safe and their original characteristics intact.

Increasingly green solutions for circular and recyclable packaging products.


Staff safety is a top priority for us as are product quality and environmental safeguards and we have obtained a range of certifications testifying to our way of working.

Innovation and sustainability in packaging

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