Packaging doesn’t sell products, it gets a message across.



Once just a straightforward cardboard box designed to protect the products inside it, packaging has now evolved into a crucial marketing and communication tool capable of drawing consumers in and driving sales.

Faenza Packaging is a leader in innovative, functional packaging design, promoting the brand identities of its clients all over Europe with original, effective products.

Projects are brought to fruition with avant-garde and technological tools ensuring top quality results in accordance with client requirements, such as the Reality Pack – augmented reality designed in conjunction with our digital division –
which has revolutionised traditional packaging.

At Faenza Packaging we design personalised packaging capable of raising
brand awareness and driving sales.

We turn pixels into emotions

We harness the know-how of skilled designers and innovative design systems capable of transforming packaging use and functions, making for new use solutions:

Active Packaging
for food and drink storage, a type of packaging
which interacts with the outside environment;

Smart Packaging
which gives consumers access to benefits and alternative packaging use conditions;

Intelligent Packaging
which supplies the right storage and consumption information
for the product inside it.


Staff safety is a top priority for us as are product quality and environmental safeguards and we have obtained a range of certifications testifying to our way of working.

By your side for a more sustainable future

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