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Die cutting is the process by which packaging materials are cut, a key packaging creation phase which follows on from the printing phase.
The result is highly accurate profiles and extremely complex shapes which potentially even vary.

Initially designed to cut leather in the footwear sector, die cuts are now key folding and cutting tools in the packaging sector
for paper, cardboard and rubber, including in small quantities.

They are wooden structures equipped with sharp metal blades which cut paper and cardboard rapidly and accurately A non-cutting blade called a creaser can also be added to the die cutter where necessary to press the die cut material and prepare it for the next stage, folding.

In specific cases creasers can be replaced with half cutters which are shorter and designed to cut only partly into cardboard.

Precision and speed: our strengths

At Faenza Packaging we offer made-to-measure solutions and a wide range of personalisable formats on the strength of the main types of die cutters.

Flat bed die cutters
These have a flat wooden base and a steel cutting ribbon which produce an accurate shape in CAD.

Rotary die cutters
These have a curved, semi-cylindrical wooden base and are used in the industrial packaging sector for corrugated packaging.

Digital die cutters
Ideal for small quantities of packaging,
cardstock and labels and to make prototypes.

These are the best way of bringing packaging to fruition
accurately and rapidly.



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