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15 seconds: that’s how long it takes consumers to decide whether or not to buy a product.

Firms need to know how to take advantage of this short time frame to attract clients and draw them in to the buying process.

It is on shop shelves across the world that brands battle it out and packaging is their most effective weapon! It is packaging which plays centre stage in consumer buying decisions and engagement. Colours, texts, nuances, shapes all contribute to drawing consumers in and pushing sales.

Packaging is the first communication tool consumers see, before they touch or try out the product inside it.

This is why Faenza Packaging’s pre-printing division pays such great attention to coming up with the right idea, designing it and building a story around it, in addition to box colour and shape.

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In the graphics layout pre-production phase we study and plan the message you need to get across to draw consumers in.

The pre-printing phase is the new ideas antechamber, the most creative stage in the whole packaging production process. It involves developing quality, functional designs by a team of web designers capable of bringing client projects to fruition in team working to clear, appealing goals.

Every single detail of a brand’s packaging design is paid the utmost attention using latest generation software and avant-garde tools.


Staff safety is a top priority for us as are product quality and environmental safeguards and we have obtained a range of certifications testifying to our way of working.

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